Beyond Classrooms Initiative
This year iBC is extremely excited to introduce its new 'Beyond Classrooms' Initiative, with the intent to further help foster the development of the future success of the region's economic performance. Our initiative tackles this objective primarily  by empowering our youth population through the designing and implementation of alternative educational programs and events. 
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Such ventures of our initiative will target creating a youth population who make smarter decisions about their careers and are able to successfully contribute to the economy while actualising their potential.  'Beyond Classrooms' was created as a visionary platform to bring vital life skills, knowledge or wisom not found in mainstream classrooms or that go 'beyond' traditional academic teachings, to the educational journey of our youth.

As such, it will have an effective impact on the crucial transition phase from high school to higher education/working life that every youth experiences, through high quality education in areas such as career guidance, life-education, youth entrepreneurship, financial literacy and business law. 

To learn more about our initiative, become involved or provide support please email us at or call 0508854258. 

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