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i|BC (Integrated Business Care) brings to you a responsive and dynamic team that will help you with all of your Business, Legal, Money and Image issues.

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We have substantial experience in various commercial strands of business, and our ‘Care’ team understands the key ingredients to running a successful business, and most importantly, we care!


To provide 360 degree consulting for SMEs based, or planning to be based, in the United Arab Emirates.


To grow SMEs and give failing SMEs the chance to succeed through services which are built around the business life-cycle, from the start until the end.
We promote the "Healthcare Model for Business Success", as we believe that prevention is better than cure.

The process
Pain point identification - The consultation: The first step to curing any illness or preventing future illness is the recognition of that problem. This is what we aim to do. If you don’t know that you have a sickness, then you can’t cure it.
Find the Cure or system to prevent future illness - The work : We believe in sustainability and we work towards the long term success of your business
Check up - The Evaluation - As we use Key Performance Indicators throughout our processes, we ensure that we can track our results and therefore show you the positive outcomes that we have delivered as a team
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